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DOW AgroSciences is one of the five leading pesticides multinational company in the world, the largest chemical company in the United States - a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow Chemical. Headquarter is located in Indiana Pleass, state of Indiana in America.

They buy Sales Cloud. There are 150+ users, functions involved Salesforce 1, Wechat integration. Business unit team including: Sales Team, Marketing Team and Customer Service Team, etc.

 By using system, DOW AgroSciencescan easily manage their marketing campaigns and distribution channels. Product is the centre in marketing campaigns, distribution channels, including the secondary agent, wholesales dealer and major account, based on territory.The function including product management, sales territory management, price management, contract management, marketing campaign management and dealer management. As Dow AgroSciences sales people need to visit customers in countryside and fields, the mobile functionality is very important to them. They use the Salesforce 1 in Ipad and Iphone, use Wechat integration to help sales managing their dealers.

 In addition, Breakingpoint provide the Administrator training and sales end user training for Dow AgroSciences to help them managing the system better. By doing this, Dow AgroSciences鈥 productivity and efficiency is improved.